Viking Strong: The Raids by Liam Gooding

Viking Strong: The Raids

Intense 20 Minute Functional Workouts For Modern Vikings!


Raids are intense conditioning workouts that each have a unique theme or twist. They normally focus on a single piece of equipment or a particular movement pattern, but designed in a way to easily track progress each time you perform each workout!

This book features 32 unique workouts, each one lasting around 20 minutes. Ideally, you perform 4 different workouts per week for an 8 week program, or you can use these as a "library" of workouts that you mix and match!

They're usually full body and use lighter but more 'arkward' weights. This means that Raids don't interfere with your core Strength, Powerlifting or Bodybuilding routine, so they can be used as a standalone routine but work great as an "add on" during cutting cycles.

These are the same workouts we follow for the 'Viking Strong 8 Week Challenge' available to purchase separately. However, these are the PDF files only, there is no coaching from Liam or the additional support on the 8 week challenge. This is for people who just want the workouts to follow on their own. 

What's included?


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