Viking Strong: 8 Week Challenge by Liam Gooding

Viking Strong: 8 Week Challenge


Over the next 8 weeks, I will guide you through an intense functional conditioning program designed to be fun, flexible and give amazing results!

My first workout guides (written to accompany my #1 Paperback) have been used by over 12,000 men and women over the last 3 years. Viking Strong is the next level evolution of those workout programs! Intense 20-min workouts, each with a unique and fun twist to keep it mentally interesting!

I could just provide the workouts. But if you want to make real, sustainable progress in burning away fat and gain new muscle, then allow me to guide you with intense support for these first 8 weeks and instill real lifestyle habit changes

Complete the challenge together along with other regular men and women just like yourself - motivating each other and pushing each other towards greatness!

Complete the workouts in a gym or at home, with minimal equipment or an alternative zero-equipment workout!

What's included?

Video Icon 5 videos Text Icon 44 text files


Start Here
Read Me First!
Facebook Group
Whatsapp 1-to-1 Support
Measuring Your Body
Before You Start Checklist
Preparing For Battle
Equipping Yourself
Home Gym Essentials
Optional But Affordable
Thoughts On Expensive Home Gym Gear
How To Follow The Raid Workouts
Full Armour
Climbing Ladder
When To Check Milestones
"Milestone Squats" (Unarmed)
"Milestone Pushups" (Unarmed)
"Milestone Chinups" (Unarmed)
"Milestone Piking Pushups" (Unarmed)
The Raids Week 1
"Missionary" (Unarmed)
"Rise Up" (Unarmed)
"Bingo" (Unarmed)
"Kicking Off" (Unarmed)
"Hardball" (Armed)
"Heartburn" (Armed)
"Hand Solo" (Armed)
The Raids Week 2
"Hotel Hell" (Unarmed)
"The Texan" (Unarmed)
"Spiderman" (Unarmed)
"Ready, Set, Go!" (Unarmed)
"Wright Brothers" (Armed)
"Prison Rules" (Armed)
The Raids Week 3
"Bend The Knee" (Unarmed)
"Jumper" (Unarmed)
"Animal Style" (Unarmed)
"Flaming Delts" (Unarmed)
"Ball Control" (Armed)
"Kettlebell Kickstart" (Armed)
"Neutralize & Extract" (Armed)
"Defend The Flanks" (Armed)
The Raids Week 4
"In-N-Out" (Unarmed)
"Luxury Hotel Hell" (Unarmed)
"Hip Hops" (Unarmed)
"T-Formation" (Armed)
Positive Eating Habits
What's the ONE thing holding you back?
Break A Habit: Gradual Advance Method
Exercise Library
Planking Ankle Taps
2 mins
Floor To Halo
2 mins
Halo Side Slams
2 mins
Russian Twist Ball Slams
2 mins
Viking Flow - 10 Minute Flow Yoga Routine
13 mins

Men's Health and Mindset Coach

I help men and women to unleash the warrior within and embrace their inner Viking! Anyone can become a Modern Viking, as long as you're willing to invest in yourself, body and mindset, to become a stronger version of you!


Is this for men or women?


The Raids are designed to adapt to the genetic differences between men and women in terms of upper body strength etc. so men or women will find these raids equally challenging relative to them.

My sister (33 years old, three beautiful daughters, a typical "Mommy") was my guinea pig for all of the unarmed workouts. As she said, "If I can bust my ass on these and lose all these inches, any other woman can do too!"

As for the men, you should know that these are the exact workouts I do, with some additional weak point training afterwards. So I'm the evidence to prove this is a very serious workout program!

Some workouts include compound lifts such as Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press. These are never at very heavy weights so that you won't need a spotter and are accessible to men and women with a gym membership (or home gym!)

Will I burn fat, gain muscle, or both?

Honestly the answer comes down to your diet and how long you have been exercising.

If you have never followed an intense workout plan before and follow the nutrition advice in the challenge, you WILL both gain new muscle (ladies, read "make my curves sexier") and lose fat at the same time.

This is due to your body rapidly falling into a new homeostasis as it experiences strenuous exercise for the first time.
After this period (3-12 months depending on the person), your body becomes a bit more stubborn and will react to EITHER muscle gain OR fat loss.

The deciding factor in this case comes down to whether you are eating at a caloric surplus or caloric deficit.

Don't worry, I'm here with you in the challenge. Bust your ass off in the Raids and you will make progress I promise!

Do I need a gym membership to take this challenge?


I've created 32 (and writing more) workouts, called Raids, in total. Half of which require ZERO equipment (aka "Unarmed Raids") and half of which use functional equipment found in most good gyms (aka "Armed Raids").

Also, I provide my experience and advice in buying home gym equipment and getting the absolute best bang for your buck!