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I help men and women to unleash the warrior within and embrace their inner Viking! Anyone can become a Modern Viking, as long as you're willing to invest in yourself, body and mindset, to become a stronger version of you!

Viking Strong: 8 Week Challenge

Over the next 8 weeks, I will guide you through an intense functional conditioning program designed to be fun, flexible and give amazing results! My first workout guides (written to accompany my #1 Paperback) have been used by over 12,000 men and women over the last 3 years. Viking Strong is the next level evolution of those workout programs! Intense 20-min workouts, each with a unique and fun twist to keep it mentally interesting! I could just provide the workouts. But if you want to make real, sustainable progress in burning away fat and gain new muscle, then allow me to guide you with intense support for these first 8 weeks and instill real lifestyle habit changes .  Complete the challenge together along with other regular men and women just like yourself - motivating each other and pushing each other towards greatness! Complete the workouts in a gym or at home, with minimal equipment or an alternative zero-equipment workout!
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Viking Strong: The Raids

Raids are intense conditioning workouts that each have a unique theme or twist. They normally focus on a single piece of equipment or a particular movement pattern, but designed in a way to easily track progress each time you perform each workout! This book features 32 unique workouts, each one lasting around 20 minutes. Ideally, you perform 4 different workouts per week for an 8 week program, or you can use these as a "library" of workouts that you mix and match! They're usually full body and use lighter but more 'arkward' weights. This means that Raids don't interfere with your core Strength, Powerlifting or Bodybuilding routine, so they can be used as a standalone routine but work great as an "add on" during cutting cycles. These are the same workouts we follow for the 'Viking Strong 8 Week Challenge' available to purchase separately. However, these are the PDF files only, there is no coaching from Liam or the additional support on the 8 week challenge. This is for people who just want the workouts to follow on their own. 
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Free Book Resources NEW

All of the digital downloads to accompany the book "How To Become A Modern Viking"

Become A Tribe Leader

Pre-signup for those interested in learning about setting up their own Modern Viking Tribe, hosting Modern Viking Brotherhood meets or hosting fitness classes at a Modern Viking Temple! Modern Viking Tribe leaders must complete an official Modern Viking course on counselling (or rather, how to recognise when your members may need referring to medical professionals).
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Inner Circle Coaching

This product purchase includes 12 months of 1-to-1 coaching with Liam with a prepaid discount. Your purchase includes a full 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee. Alternatively, subscribe to Inner Circle membership and pay $199 monthly. The online course includes a few materials for a successful Helping Relationship and mostly acts as a secure payment processor (and provides access to all pre-made content on this platform). However the majority of coaching is delivered via Whatsapp and Skype calls.
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Joining Alpha provides access to all paid ebooks, all paid video courses, all workout program PDFs including Viking Strong, and weekly and monthly content updates to keep you motivated! Inner Circle members receive 1-to-1 coaching/counselling with Liam via Skype/Whatsapp.